Drivers’ License Medicals

drivers medicals concordia medical mackayWe provide Drivers License Medicals. All Motor Vehicle Driving license holders must conform to the laws guiding fitness to drive in each Australian state & territory.


In Queensland, Drivers License Medicals are applicable to the following groups:

Drivers intending to drive Public Transportation, Dangerous Goods & for other Commercial purposes.

Drivers License holders with medical conditions deemed capable of adversely impaling on the individuals driving ability. The conditions that may affect driving may include but not limited to, Diabetes, Epilepsy, heart disease, strokes, severe arthritis and other joint disorders, eye conditions, sleep disorders, movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, progressive cognitive impairment including Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease etc…

Driver License holder 75 years or older irrespective of whether or not you have a medical condition.

Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver Form (F3712) is required, you may bring your own or we may provide you with one.

Please enquire with reception for further clarification.

We are in collaboration with other local Practices to provide fee-for-service After Hours emergency service at the Mater Mackay Emergency Care Centre on 4965 5444.  Emergencies are attended by the Mackay Base Hospital (4885 6000) at no charge for current Medicare card holders.

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